Eloping: The Dos and Don’ts

Eloping is becoming all the rage. Wondering why? Well, you get to scrap all the daunting, stressful planning of a big wedding, make some big monetary savings or even avoid some testy family situations. Well, conventional wedding or no, it’s still your special occasion- your big moment. So if you’re eloping, here are some dos and don’ts behind planning this perfect party for two in the short time span you’ve allocated for yourselves!

DO Personalize

You’ve given up the conventional settings and the hassle of catering to others wishes. While with all that planning out of the way, it may seem like a great time to rush the process and get married overnight, you should also take the time to personalize and customize, dress up- informal or formal. You get to be unapologetically you in all aspects.

DON’T Assume It’s All Quick And Simple

While it may not be on the scale of a big wedding, an elopement still requires some planning. Sure, a trip to the courthouse is rather inexpensive but the same can’t be said about backpacking it to Las Vegas or Europe to get married! You need to plan out your location, venue (the possibility of a honeymoon perhaps?) And in this case, it can eat up your savings unless you plan out a budget as you would with a traditional wedding and find the best rates.

DO Tell Your Loved Ones Personally

Now is not the time to spread your joyous news through social media. No, the first step (and the one that’ll cause you the least amount of drama) is to tell your family members and closest friends personally.

DON’T Justify

Many eloped couples have to deal with offended relatives once they break the news. Whatever feelings of regret this may stir in you, don’t let it lead you to justify yourself. This elopement was planned and you had your reasons for doing so. At the end of the day, you’re married to the love of your life and you shouldn’t have to justify that.

DO Capture The Moment

Don’t worry, because Elopement photography is very much a legitimate thing. No matter where or how you end up getting married, this is still your big day and it should be documented as so. Despite any tricky family situation, your family members will eventually want to see photos, and undoubtedly so will your friends and one day, even your kids. And why not invest in the professionals, since you’re saving in all other aspects of your wedding procedures?

DO Include Family In Post-Celebrations

You’ll find that most of your problems will stem from your loved ones feeling unimportant and uninvolved. Of course while understandable, it can take its toll on you unless you find something you can do about it. Including your family and closest friends in post-wedding celebrations is a great way to get them feeling more involved and allow them to celebrate this occasion with you.

These are the main dos and don’ts of eloping. Follow these and you’re set for a special occasion with your loved one that you’ll remember for years to come.

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