Interesting Things To Do In Melbourne

Are you new to Melbourne? Or maybe hoping to plan your next vacation to Melbourne? Well, if you are wondering what happens to be so interesting about the city, you are in the right place! Melbourne is known to be one of the most fascinating cities in Australia. Their fun things range from arts to nature to food. So, let’s look at a few highlights of the city, and some of the things you can do while there:

Visit The Artsy Alleys

Melbourne has remarkable artsy lanes full of street art that are usually used as a backdrop for amazing photographs, down Hosier Lane. Most of the artwork is not the creations of renowned artists but those of amateurs. Paying a visit to take a look at these wonderful pictures can be quite worth your time and appreciation.

The Art Galleries

Apart from only experiencing and appreciating the street art down Hosier lane, you could also visit the National Gallery of Victoria, in order to spot the works of great artists as well. Not only at the national gallery, but there are also so many other places that you could visit to view extraordinary artwork.

Check Out The Food!

Melbourne is known for its variety of cuisines available in the city. You have the liberty to pick a different one every day, every meal. You could google restaurants in Maribyrnong if you’re staying in that area, and just find so many options that you can choose from. If you do not prefer to dine in, there are markets that you can stroll along, only to find cheap, tasty street food and flea markets to explore.

Sit Down With A Book

The State Library of Australia is one of the prettiest libraries you would ever see. It is shaped as an octagon, consisting many facilities under one roof. This institute has given many of those in Melbourne the gift of a quiet, undisturbed read, even though the place is usually very crowded.

Little Earth Time

Spending time at the Royal Botanical gardens can be a real mode of relaxation to the mind and soul. Packing for a picnic close to the lake can be serene and beautiful. Get your picnic baskets up and ready for a little getaway from the hustle and bustle, before you leave the city.

Beautiful Cathedrals

Melbourne has quite a couple of churches from the 18th and 19th centuries, which are considered noteworthy. You don’t need to be religious to visit these cathedrals and pay some respect and appreciation to them.

This city is indeed very happening and very interesting in nature, so, regardless of whether you are settling down or in for a holiday, make sure to get most of the beautiful city before taking your leave until your next visit. Stated above are only a few among the many amazing things in Melbourne, Australia, once you have landed in the wonderland, there would be a new list of highlights from yourself.

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